How Will Technology Impact Knowledge Sharing?

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April 12, 2012
Bill Ives Building On Traditional Ways Of Knowledge Sharing
By Bill Ives
In the small Greek town I am living in this month, there is a central square, like many other such squares in many other villages in Greece and elsewhere. Here is where knowledge has been exchanged for some time and continues to be shared. Some of this is obtained by simple observation as I see differences many days just passing through it.

When we create social business applications I think it is best to build on existing patterns of knowledge exchange and then simply adding an electronic facilitation can be one way to address these cultural challenges. Let me provide two examples. The first example, in this case from another country in Europe, where I was involved a situation where we were tasked with creating a way for plumbers to share best practices on how to fix residential heating systems. The traditional, and non-electronic, means to exchange best practices was eliminated in a cost cutting move. The plumbers used to gather in several hundred depots around the country to get their daily assignments. While having ...

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